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Find Everything You Need To Know About El Nido

How to Get to El Nido, Palawan?

How to Get to El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a quite a remote place. Here are the different options to get to our tropical paradise.

Island Hopping in El Nido, Palawan

Let’s Go Island Hopping!

The Bacuit archipelago is the perfect getaway. Plan your trip and book it online with us today.

Find Your Accomodation in El Nido, Palawan

Find Your Accomodation

Where to stay in El Nido? Here is a selection of 51 hotels to choose from on booking.com.

Enjoy the Overnight Camping on a Desert Island

This is a one of a kind experience. Stay for the night on a remote island in the Bacuit archipelago.

  • Overnight Camping in El Nido, Palawan
  • Overnight Camping in the Bacuit Archipelago

Spend the Whole Night on a Lovely Island

Touring the islands around El Nido is an amazing experience. But staying on one of them for the night is something unforgettable.

Can you picture yourself enjoying the beautiful sunset on the West Philippines Sea, stargazing at the milky way laying on a white sand beach, and having a cheerful moment with your friends or loved ones around a campfire?

You can live this memorable experience thanks to an all-inclusive trip (boat, tent, food and drink). Planning your overnight camping is just one click away!

Click here to plan your overnight camping

It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

Discover All The Fun Activities You Can Have In El Nido

From island hopping to scuba diving, snorkeling and inland tours, there is a ton of things you can do in El Nido, Palawan!

Island Hopping

This is a must do in El Nido. But there are plenty of ways to go island hopping. Discover them here!

Island Hopping

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Ultimate Adventure Tour

This tour is designed for the people who wants to get off the tourist trails for a few days.

Ultimate Adventure Tour

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Overnight Camping

Spend the night on an island. Another way of discovering Palawan's rugged beauty.

Overnight Camping

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Scuba Diving

Whether you like scuba diving or free diving, you will find the appropriate dive centers in El Nido.

Van Transfers

Book your van transfer online and go from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton and El Nido.

Inland Tours

With the inland tours, discover the wonders of Palawan: waterfalls, beaches, caves...


Rent a motorbike, a scooter, a kayak, snorkeling gear, or a bicycle for a perfect day in El Nido.

Cultural Tours

Meet the people and discover the culture of El Nido with the cultural tours.

Cultural Tours

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Online Booking

Plan your tours and activities today thanks to our online booking tool.

Online Booking

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Book Online

Book Online Today

There is no ATM in El Nido... Booking online allows you to limit the amount of cash you bring and to be sure you can do all the activities you want!
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Latest News from El Nido

Let’s Get Practical

El Nido is located up north of Palawan. You can get there either by van from Puerto Princesa, either by plane from Manila. Click here to get more informations on this topic : How to get to El Nido, Palawan?
El Nido is quite a remote place. Thus, it’s better to plan ahead and bring everything you’ll need there. Click here to get more informations on this topic.
Going to El Nido is an adventure in itself. Some may prefer to live it on the go, but planning ahead is definitely a good idea. Click here to get more information on this topic.
There are two seasons in El Nido: the dry season and the monsoon months. When is the best time of the year to come? Click here to read more about that topic.
At the current time, there is no ATM in El Nido. Thus, it is important that you bring enough money to finance your vacations there. Click here to get more information on that topic.
El Nido is a small and remote town. Therefore, it is not equipped with consequent medical infrastructure. Click here to get more information on that topic.
As a touristic place, El Nido offers a lot of hotels and guesthouses, ranging from cheap to luxury. Click here to get more information on that topic.
There are plenty of restaurants in El Nido. Here is a selection of our favorites. Click here to get more information on that topic.